Teaser Game: Flip the Prince

While Princes of Amber: The Board Game is still being worked on, to ease your waiting we have just released a teaser game Flip the Prince. It is a simple logic and strategy online board game. It shares its art and some very basic concepts like game board being built out of cards with Princes of Amber.

Flip the Prince

Your goal is to flip all your cards on the game board, starting with 1 and finishing with 7, your Prince. Whoever flips his Prince first wins the game. You may only flip your lowest cards and your piece need to stand on it. A flipped card cannot be stood on. As the game progresses, there is less and less free cards. This is where swapping cards comes in. You may swap two cards to access otherwise cut off locations. But it costs you one game piece.

The game is for 2-4 players and takes usually between 5-10 minutes (for 2 players).

At the moment only Hot Seat gaming mode is available. Online gaming capability is coming very soon.

The game was created by a team of students as a school project at an Agile Web Development university class.

Check it out today and share your feedback!

Limited early bird edition (in Czech) is out

During October we published a limited early bird edition of 50 boxes to be sold at a local Czech event Mind Sports Olympiad 2012 in Prague, Oct 6th to 14th. These 50 boxes were printed in Czech language only. Look at our humble stand at the event.

We were thrilled by interest of both casual and die hard gamers attending the event. We sold over a half of all boxes during a weekend. Thanks to all visitors of our stand having look or playing a game or two (and buying a box).

What’s in the box?

And now some promo pictures of the early bird edition. This is what you get in the box:

  • Amber card,
  • 4x 10 playing card sets, one for each prince,
  • 1 hero figure and 4 pawn figures for each prince,
  • 4 princes and heroes powers cards,
  • 5 secret quests cards for 4-player game,
  • 4 game rules overview cards,
  • a secret quest summary card, and,
  • game rules booklet.

And this is how the game starts for 2 and 4 players respectively.

The game board is dealt randomly. That’s the only randomness at all, from now on everything is up to the players. No chance. Note, that first player’s cards, Corwin’s, are always in the first two rows of the plan, and second player’s, Brand’s, in the last two rows. Each players starts with a territory (sort of) of its own.

4-player game board is dealt randomly, too. The cards face down are secret quests, four out of five, the fifth being secret, too. Whoever accomplishes her quest first wins the game. There is a quests summary cards so players don’t have to memorize the quests and may start guessing who is accomplishing which quest.

But wait, there’s more

There is bonus game, Flip the Prince, which may be played with the same Princes of Amber cards and figures. It was created during Princes of Amber creation, being a sort of a by-product with very easy rules but being no less fun. There’s a teaser photo.

We have been silent for a while recently, but we promise we didn’t stop working on Princes of Amber and will update this blog more often. There is more coming soon.

So what’s this game about?

Princes of Amber is a cards-and-figures board game taking place in a universe of Roger Zelazny’s famous fantasy series The Chronicles of Amber.

The Story

Amber is the only true reality among an infinite number of worlds you may ever imagine, which are just Shadows cast by Amber. Its king Oberon and all of his numerous offspring posses an ability to travel between these Shadows and visit any place that ever comes to their mind.

But father Oberon mysteriously disappears leaving his nine sons and four daughters without settling a succession to the throne. Everyone, having their own ambitions, immediately starts to plot intricate nets of conspiracies, alliances and double-crosses and fights against each other for the throne.

Choose your prince, travel the Shadows, gather allies, conspire and fight. But remember, there is only one true Amber and it has only one crown. Your allies are your enemies.

The game

Each player represents a prince of Amber and has got a set of eight cards (one of them standing for the Prince), four pawn figures and one hero figure. There are four princes in the game (so far): Corwin, Julian, Brand and Caine. Each Prince card and each hero figure posses different powers so you would play differently for (and against) each prince.

At the beginning of the game the board is dealt randomly from cards (it’s the only random involved at all), each card being a field. Like this (example 2-players game board):

Example game plan

The card in the middle is the city of Amber and the rest of the cards are its various Shadows. Amber cannot be entered by any figure during the game. The cards next to the game board are considered in players’ hands and should be visible to other players. They may be put into the board during the game as figures travel through Shadows.

During their turns players recruit armies and heroes, move them among Shadows, adjust the game board to their strategic needs and fight each other (defeated figures may be recruited again). However the goal is not to wipe out the opponents, but to be the first on the throne.

Princes of Amber are actually two different games within the same rules framework. Let’s spare a couple of words of each.

2-players game

In 2-players game two princes are run by players and the other two are neutral. Players may ally with them during the game getting more troops, better strategic position and, under some conditions, taking two moves in one turn.

The goal is to be the first who occupies at least five fields next to the Amber card by own and/or allied figures. It would sound funny but players often forget that in the heat of a battle demanding concentration of troops rather than spreading them.

There isn’t much talking during the game other than “Geez, I haven’t seen that coming”. There is a HUGE number of possibilities of how things may turn out. Try to hide your true intentions and surprise your opponent before s/he surprises you. And don’t be afraid. Like the princes in the novels have regenerative powers, so do you. A couple of bad moves doesn’t necessarily make you doomed.

4-players game

4-players game offers a completely different experience. Forget about long term planning. The situation changes like weather. The already small 24-fields play ground is crowded by four throne-craving princes’ troops. The power lies in diplomacy. And intrigues.  It’s persuasion, manipulation, distracting attention which win the game. This is what you may expect:

“Let’s form an alliance, combine our forces and lay siege to Amber. Whichever of us lives through it winds up on top. If we both do, well—hell!—we can always fight a duel!”

—Bleys to Corwin, Nine princes in Amber, 1970 Roger Zelazny

Yes, you need an ally. You can’t fight the others alone. If two (or three) players decide to wipe you out, they just will. But you know what? There will be three players left. And no one wants to be the third one.

In 4-players game each player has a distinct goal dealt randomly at the beginning of the game and kept secret. And you would have hard times to watch all the opponents against all the possible quests to prevent them win.

One last thing

There is no killer strategy you may discover, adopt and always win with. Even the game’s author haven’t found one during the years of its development. In spite of a number of “best practices” (like “unleash your hero as soon as possible”), not always applicable, every game starts differently, runs differently and provides different enjoyment and experience. You get never bored.

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Princes of Amber: The Board Game is coming!

After years of development a unique strategic-diplomatic board game, set in Roger Zelazny’s famous fantasy saga The Chronicles of Amber’s universe, is coming on your tables. Soon.

Become a prince of Amber, get your deck of Shadows cards, an army led by a hero and seize the throne of Amber, the one true city. You might need an ally, but beware, the crown does not fit two heads. Only one of you wins.

Would it be swordsman and master politician Corwin, cold and devious hunter Julian, megalomaniac sorcerer Brand or sailor and merchant Caine?

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